Travel Hacks You Should Be Knowing

As fun as it is to travel, the cost you have to bear for it isn’t go great! However, if you want to make sure that you travel on a budget and make the most of the situation it is essential that you know certain tricks and hacks. So here are some of them. 

Go incognito  

Most travel agencies that offer flight ticket bookings online, have the ability to record the flights you have looked at previously to travel places. And so, because of this reason the prices you would have to pay would be higher than the usual rate. To avoid being a prey to this always book these by going incognito or using private browsing. This way the chances are you would get a better rate to travel to whichever luang prabang laos hotels, you have planned to.  

Don’t fold just roll  

Another unavoidable problem you would have to face when traveling is the baggage space. The more baggage space you have used beyond the limit, the more extra costs you have to pay for. So instead of collecting cash to pay for the extra space, pack smart. Don’t fold your clothes, instead roll them in to tubes to make more space. This way you could pack all that you need for a day at the hotel luang prabang swimming pool and even a change for the night!  


When you are travelling, there is a tendency to forget one thing or the other. And usually this one thing is the phone charger! If you have a power bank then you are in luck, if not you can always improvise by hooking the phone up to the TV using a USB cable and charging it! This way all hope isn’t lost and you making the most of what you have got. You could also try room service and request for an extra charger in case of emergencies.  hotel luang prabang swimming pool

Tag your bag as fragile 

This is literally a trick that you are going to be thanking yourself for. No one likes waiting for hours to simply get their own luggage back. So, the trick to avoid this wait and make sure your luggage is treated with extreme care is to label it as fragile. This way it would be placed on the top and would be sure to come out first. Voila no wait and quick baggage clearance! 

Take out only what you need 

 Putting things back in to a perfectly packed bag isn’t fun at all. In fact, most of the times the way your bag would look when you leave a place and when you packed it at first would be a complete contrast. So, don’t unpack everything that you have oh so carefully packed, instead take out only those that you need. 

Be smart when you travel and be sure to follow these tips to guide you through!